100wc week #29

My Sister
     We arrived at the graveyard to bury our great grandmother that recently passed. The air was misty and cold. All I could see was my little sister, Rose's crimson coloured hair, but suddenly, with a flash, it was gone. "Rose! Rose!" I shouted, but there was no response. I started to look around frantically, but she was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden, I heard a laugh. I knew in an instant it was her, but it didn't seem as playful as usual. Then her face popped out, and that was all I could remember...

100wc week 22

Mike's Death
I climbed up the ladder to the attic to check on my golden-brown goldfish named Mike. We keep him in the attic because he splashes a lot and we don't care if the floor gets wet. Mike was swimming very slowly. "You okay, little buddy?" He turned to look at me, then tipped over and flew to the top of the water. "Dude, don't die! Please!" Mike jerked and floated lifelessly. I sobbed. "Mike," I sniffed, "no, please..." My mom put her hand on my back and tried to comfort me, but now, that wouldn't be possible.

100wc week 21

Tree Yoga

"1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!" I looked around a bush but instead of finding my sister I saw a bunch of trees doing yoga. "Alright, now push-ups," the teacher commanded. The trees got down and did push-ups. I laughed and decided to join them. I walked out of the bush and onto the field. "Back off!" One said. The teacher gasped. "I come in peace," I said, but they were gone. I started doing yoga by myself.

100wc week 19

The Paper Airplane 

            I threw my paper airplane and it soared out the window. "No!" I shouted. I raced downstairs and rushed out the door, but It wasn't there. "Where'd it go?" A few moments later it came down the drainpipe. My mom came out.
"Why are you outside? You were grounded," my mom said.
"My plane went out the window," I explained, "And I came to get it!" 
My mom grinned and laughed "Oh, why don't you ever learn?" She let out an evil laugh and went back in. I stood there puzzled...

100wc week 17

The Snake

Running faster than I've ever ran before, I smashed into the door, not waiting for it to open. I rushed inside and slammed it.  "Whats wrong, sweetie?" Asked my mother. "Oh nothing," I puffed. Staring at the clock I remembered It all. The red snake's colours were cycling as it chased me down the street. I remembered the venom dripping from its teeth. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, and went to bed. I dreamed about this snake, wondering what was happening to me. . .

100wc week #14

The Computer                                I stared at the computer, wondering why it was so bright. "You're telling me to FaceTime everyone in North America, just to say that my 'fabulous' owner was the first person to ever teach a stupid monkey how to talk!" His face showed a flash of shock for what I just said. "If you taught someone to talk, wouldn't you be proud?" My owner spat back at me. I gave him a challenging stare, but said nothing because we both knew that he was right, but he was the only one who looked proud of it.
"Fine," I growled, "I'll do it, just leave me alone okay?" He gave a small nod and walked out the door. I'm not doing it! I thought. He would've never left. "I hate life!" I smacked the computer on the ground.

100wc week #12

The Battery
Bob plopped down on an old grey park bench to eat his double tuna melt sandwich. He picked up his tuna melt, when a white and brown battery came rolling towards him. Puzzled, he picked up the battery and gave it a good stare. "Who dropped this?" he called out. Suddenly, Bob could shape out an energetic body builder charging towards him. "Is this y-yours?" Bob asked holding out the battery, but he didn't answer. Bob noticed that this man was carrying a chainsaw. Bob threw the battery at him, when the chainsaw buzzed and Bob watched it disintegrate. "I'm out!" Bob yelled, while he hurried out of his seat. The man was chasing him. Bob suddenly realized that he stood no chance. He stood still as the man got closer, and closer.